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This is a 8 week study dedicated to helping you be who God created you to be and live your life according to God's original design and help you navigate God's plan and purpose for your life.

God's Original Design (hardcopy)

  • Eight  Lessons

    81 pages.

    *This workbook is also available in hard copy.

    This study will answer some of  life's tough questions such as...

    ⇢ Who am I?

    ⇢ Why am I here?

    ⇢ Where am I going?

    ⇢ Does my life matter?

    ⇢ Is there anything special about me?

    ⇢ What is my calling and purpose in life?

    ⇢ How can I contribute to making the world a better place?

    ⇢ Can I make a difference?


    Table of Contents:


    Lesson One: Created with Purpose

    Lesson Two: Created Distinct

    Lesson Three: Created to be a Counterpart

    Lesson Four: Created to Contribute

    Lesson Five: Created to Serve

    Lesson Six: Created to Rest

    Lesson Seven: Created to Choose

    Lesson Eight: Created for More



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