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Hold Fast to What You Have: God’s Sovereignty in Crazy Times

I am coming soon. hold fast to what you have,...

Revelation 3:11

These are crazy times. Who knew that the year 2020 was going to look like this?

The world has spun out of control. My OCD, ADD, PMS, claustrophobia, and hypochondria are ramped up to whole new level. And I blame COVID!!

If things get wacky in our family or in my life....or if I lose my mind and become crazy momma, I say, "I BLAME COVID!!!"

But the realty is...Satan is the true culprit. Sewing seeds of doubt and causing fear and anxiety to creep up is his main tactic.

The best way I know to combat doubt is to hold fast to truth by digging into God's Word!


Hold fast - | krateò | - take hold of, prevail, to place under one's grasp. To cling to.


Hold fast or cling to what you have.

In these crazy times I am choosing to HOLD FAST to God's sovereignty.

What does sovereignty mean?

It means that God is the supreme authority who has the right to do according to His own good pleasure. He is in control.

He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like

grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy,

and spreads them like a tent to live in.

-Isaiah 40:22

This particular verse can make it seem like we have a God who treats us like robots. But if you truly know God's nature, you understand His heart behind His sovereignty.

Here are three things we can know about God's nature.

God is Full of Wisdom

His ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9) and His understanding is unsearchable (Isaiah 40:28).

We can't even comprehend the things of God. He orchestrates things in accordance with His good purpose. He is all-knowing and ever-present which means there is nothing that can be hidden from Him and there is not a silver of space that He is not fully present. Because He is also infinite, there is no bounds to His wisdom. It is limitless. Full wisdom.

God is Righteousness

He always does what is right. He will never act out of evil intentions (Psalm 145:17).

So why do bad things happen?

There is a one word answer to this question that no one likes to hear but it needs to be talked about. SIN.

What is sin?

Sin is turning away from God's design for your life and following the deep things of Satan. This is what happened in the garden when Adam and Eve chose to turn from what they knew to be true and followed Satan's temptation to "become like God" bringing sickness, disease, and death upon mankind.

Even then, in His righteousness, God's plan was never to harm us but to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

Which leads us to the third nature of God.

God is Good

Because the Lord is good He does not leave us without a Way back to Him.

From the very beginning He promised a Seed...a Redeemer...a Saviour...a Rescuer...and everything He does is orchestrated to restore us to His original design.

Through His son Jesus we can experience the abundant life He designed for us because He became sin for us. He made things right for those who choose to believe.

God is the one in control even from the very beginning and He has never left His sovereign throne. No purpose of God can be thwarted. He will accomplish His purpose no matter what. Man can not manipulate things to bring about God's purpose. Sickness and disease can not stop God from fulfilling His good purpose. Even Satan who is the ultimate manipulator who wages war and causes doubt and destruction CAN NOT thwart God's purpose.


Hold fast to God’s Sovereignty!

I personally need this truth more now than ever. Like I said, 2020 has ramped up my fear and anxiety because it has reminded me that I AM NOT IN CONTROL. I can't control whether I get COVID or not. I can't control what COVID will do to our nation. I can't control what COVID will do to our society. There are so many uncertainties out there.

But one thing we CAN be certain of...GOD IS SOVEREIGN and we can rest assured that we have a God who sits enthroned

above the circle of the earth who is wise, righteous, and good!

Are you worried about your kids safety? Hold fast to God's sovereignty!

Are you worried about the future? Hold fast to God's sovereignty!

Let go of the idea that you can control things, dig into the Word, and cling to truth.

Hold fast!

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