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Feelings of Christmas

This has been a different season for sure. With Covid-19 still hanging around hardly anything looks the same. And that includes Christmas.

Usually I am writing down all the things that I want to do to experience the most during the Christmas season. My list would include things like...Fantasy of Trees, Dollywood, walking around Market Square, ice skating on Market Square, attending local Christmas plays or concerts, and my favorite of all time....visit New York to experience all things Christmas in the Big Apple!!

All those things have either been cancelled, or modified to meet Covid restrictions. And wearing masks and socially distancing changes the very purpose and nature of most these events. I am not complaining. I have enjoyed Dollywood with a mask and it’s fine. Just different! But New’s just not gonna happen this year. Craig took me to New York for my first time ever the year we got married and we have been every year since then. Until now. (Sad face).

Craig takes me to New York for the first time.

I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned during all this is...things change!!

I change. You change. The world changes. It’s inevitable. The only One who doesn’t change is God!! He remains the same forever. His character and purposes are never altered. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Do you know what this means?!? This means that we have a God we can trust!! He doesn’t change with time and circumstances. God's unchanging nature applies to all of His attributes...His love, grace, mercy, holiness, faithfulness, justice and righteousness.

So this season I will focus on the One true unchangeable perfect gift! The gift “coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” (James 1:17)

Barnes Notes on the Bible commentary adds great perspective on James 1:17,"He is always the same, at all seasons of the year, and in all ages; there is no change in his character, his mode of being, his purposes and plans. What he was millions of ages before the worlds were made, he is now; what he is now, he will be countless millions of ages hence. We may be sure that whatever changes there may be in human affairs; whatever reverses we may undergo; whatever oceans we may cross, or whatever mountains we may climb, or in whatever worlds we may hereafter take up our abode, God is the same."

This, my friends, is the greatest gift one could possible seek to experience this Christmas. Better than any musical or play, better than ice skating in the middle of Market Square. Better than any trip to New York City!

If you haven’t experienced this gift for yourself, then know this...nothing has changed with God! From the very beginning of time He has provided a remedy for a sinful world. His son. A seed that would redeem what was broken, restore what was lost, and return His people to His original design and purpose. That gift Is still available today. A FREE gift for those who believe!

May this season be full of wonder and experiences of God’s unchangeable nature!


So here is to enjoying things closer to home, loving those God has placed in your life, and living in light of the unchangeable gift!

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