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Creating a Balanced Life in a Topsy Turvy World

What is your definition of success?! I love Zig Ziglar’s visual of “The Wheel of Life.” He says you must master some degree of success in each area of life before you can experience the true satisfaction of total success.

Here is Ziglar’s short list of the characteristics of what he believes success is.

1. Success is knowing that you did a great job when you close the door to your office at the end of each workday and head for home.

2. Success is having a home and people to love who love you in return.

3. Success is having the financial security to meet your obligations each month and the knowledge that you have provided that security for your family in the event of your demise.

4. Success is having the kind of faith that lets you know where to turn when there seems to be no place to turn.

5. Success is having an interest or hobby that gives you joy and peace.

6. Success is knowing who you are, and Who’s you are.

7. Success is taking good care of you and waking up healthy each day.

8. Success is slipping under the covers at the end of the day and realizing with gratitude that “it just doesn’t get much better than this!”

Too often we get sucked into the mindset that success has to do with material things. But if we focus all our energy on making money to gain more material wealth then we miss the boat completely. No doubt God wants us to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. But it is not for our own personal gain. It is to help those around us flourish as well. It is to take care of ALL that God has given us, gifts, talents, career, family, finances, relationships, and health, etc.

Career - We can tend to put all of our energy into our work. From the beginning of time man has struggled to "make a name for himself." And the way he tries to do that is by his "work." But if you focus all your energy on work, even good work, you loose sight of the other things God has placed in your life to help you flourish. The society we live in demands that we have income. Our job is to find a way that is inline with our gifts to help generate an income to take care of ALL God has given us.

Family - One of the things that is essential in any family is quality time spent together. If you come home at the end of the day and put your feet up and ask to be left alone, you are missing out on the great opportunity to invest in your littles (who might not be so little anymore) and help them become the men and women God created them to be. Do you sit down as a family to eat dinner? Do you created experiences together? Are you being a good steward of your family?

Financial - This is one of the biggest mindsets we need to make. We tend to want to look at money as evil. Money in and of itself is not evil. It is what you do with it. Are you meeting your financial obligations? Are you budgeting well so that you can take care of your home? Paying your mortgage (if you have one), keeping your lights on? cable and phone if you have it? How about transportation? School fees? Providing food for your family? helping others? To make money is not bad. Matter of fact it is part of the system God has placed us in. From the beginning He allowed us to create and be and subdue the Earth and make use of it. Through time, as society grew, the system of trade came into play.

Spiritual - A sure way we will be able to be a healthy balanced person it by getting to know the One who created us. Knowing who we are and Whose we are propels us to be good stewards of all He has given us. He is the One who gives us our gifts and He has given us a wonderful example to follow in His son Jesus. As we strive to become more like Christ, our natural response is to give everything over to Him and allow Him to be Lord of every area of our life.

Personal - We each have different gifts, talents, personalities, interests, etc. We can be a healthy balanced person when we are engaging in activities that help us rest. Think of this as soul care. What energizes you? What renews your soul. God has placed us in His beautiful creation. Take some time and explore it. Adventure. Just sit in a hammock and read a book. Go on vacation. Spend time with friends. Go out to eat. Go to a movie. We tend to think that these things are not spiritual so we shouldn't waste our time. Even Jesus pulled away to renew His soul. So don't you think we should too?

Mental - What you think about, you bring about. Our minds are amazing. What we think about determines our attitudes, our actions, and our very livelihood. How are you exercising your brain? Are you creating and imagining? Are you always learning? Are you conversing with others? We weren't meant to be in our own head. One good exercise is to find something you are super interested in and then learn everything there is to know about it.

Physical - Ahhhh. The one thing no ones like to talk about. This has to do with how we are taking care of our body. Are you eating healthy? Are you exercising regularly? Are you getting regular check-ups? Getting adequate amount of sleep? You would be amazed at how much more productive you would be if you took good care of yourself.

Total success is achieving some level of success in each of these areas. Not one or two areas. But EVERY area. Continually evaluate yourself to see how you are doing in each area. If you feel one area is out of balance, think through how you could bring it into balance.


Success involves the whole person, an if you skimp on one area,

you will limit your success in others.

- Zig Ziglar


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