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A Trip Around the Sun

There are so many cities that I love to visit. I haven’t always been a traveler. To be honest, I grew up with humble means. The first real traveling I ever did was with my youth group at Church. They were going to Canada and my parents couldn’t afford it. But some sweet couple in our church designated money to pay my way to go.

Once I graduated High School I dreamed of traveling more but still...I couldn’t afford it and this was before GoFund me. 😂

I’m not real sure how the young ones do it today. It seems like that is the, travel, travel.

Although I have been able to travel a bit more in my 40’s, I am still a home body. There is something about home.” Sometimes I just want to be on my couch with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee.

But I don’t take for granted the ability to see the beauty and uniqueness of so many places. One of those places is Italy. Six years ago Craig took me to Italy for my first trip. It was absolutely amazing. The train rides, the history, the architecture, the cobblestone roads, the meals, the whole experience was truly magical.

Two years ago we had a trip booked to return to Italy. We cancelled that trip due to the diagnosis of our oldest son...kidney failure. He received a new kidney a year later. Praise God!! This year we had a trip booked to a different travel destination. We cancelled that one too. This time due to a different diagnosis for the same child...cancer.

Will we stop traveling?! No! The trips around the sun seem to get shorter. This time here in the world seems to get smaller and we desire to create experiences with our children. One day we would love to take them to Italy to see and experience a little more of God’s creation.


“Most of us spend our trips around the sun accumulating the wrong things. Possessions are a dime a dozen. Experiences are the currency of a life well lived.”

- Mark Batterson in A Trip Around the Sun


Our real adventure begins when we connect with our creator. Oh what a glorious way to be in His presence than to be in His creation. Then we begin to see and know Him in such a sweet transformative way.

Yes! Adventure. Where did we loose our sense of wonder?! Jaded by life. That’s where I lost mine. But I’m getting it back as I learn more what it looks like to live with childlike faith.

We can create experiences for these sweet creatures God has given us to raise. We want them to see and experience all that God has created in them and around them.


“When we go adventuring with Jesus, He takes us places we never dreamed we could go, gives us ideas we never thought we could have, and gives us friends that last forever.”

- Richard Foth


In order to adventure I have to get off the couch. I need to focus on the world around me. What will the next trip around the sun look like as I venture out and ask God to put His holiness on display with my life.

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