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90 Day Vision Planning

The one thing I have realized is...without a plan I will flounder! I have good intentions but without a vision or plan I will end up being unproductive and unfruitful every time.

So what better way to plan out my next 90 Days than to pull away into the mountains.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. - Proverbs 16:9


Another thing I have come to realize is...I can make a plan but I had better make room

for God to move in ways I could have never imagined or dreamed.

Planning is good but sometimes I get distracted and can lose my focus in the business of life and start making everything about "me" instead of utilizing all the resources God has given me to make Him known and bring Him glory.

When our intentions are good and our focus is on Jesus, amazing things start to happen. So when I start feeling like my focus has veered off the path, I like to get away and regroup, refocus.

One of the ways I do this is by pulling away from the noise and getting away in the mountains to be still and listen. I have a friend who is my "spend time in quiet friend." She is the kind of friend that you can sit in silence with for hours and be ok with that. We will talk on the drive up there and then spend hours during the day just being quiet. We do our own thing and then come together every once in a while to share what we feel God is telling us.

Sometimes it's two days, sometimes it's three. But it consists of the same thing...she and I spending quiet time alone in our own way with Jesus, then spending meals processing, talking and laughing, and ending the night with a movie or silly show on TV.

I spent most of the time re-evaluating the last 90 days and then making a plan for my next 90 days. Here are some the things I wrote in my journal as I processed with the Lord.

Reflect on the last 90 days:

What am I learning?

What's areas am I excelling at?

What's areas and I failing at?

Where do I need to see growth/change?

Next 90 day vision:

What do I value?

What am I naturally good at? What are my strenghts?

What do I enjoy?

What do I not enjoy?

What are my spiritual gifts?

What suffering has the Lord allowed in my life to help shape me?

What places has God strategically place me?

Who are the people God has placed in my life who will encourage me?

Who has God place in my life to encourage? Neighbor, worker, friends, random person who keeps popping up?

What am I passionate about? (what need do I see around me).

Questions like these help me find out what's stirring in my heart and helps me figure out how to spend my time and what types of things to pursue. When I am done processing this with the Lord I began to make my next 90 day plan built on my values, strengths, gifts, and passions. Do I know exactly what my next 90 days are going to look like? No! But I trust God will direct my steps. And when I become unbalanced, He will call me back to the quiet.

It is so easy to become unbalanced when we start making a plan because we are naturally going to spend more time on the things that are fun for us, or easy. God knows this about us. I believe this is why God says to make your plans, but allow Him to direct your path. He will direct us, be with us, and empower us to do the things that He has prepared in advance for us to do, especially the difficult things.

Dream Big! Plan! But have open hands to His Plan!

Oh, and find that friend who is okay with the quiet and who will dream and process with you. That is a true gift from God!


If you are curious about making your own plan and dreaming big, then join the upcoming online event.

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