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Your Simple Savvy Life in Jesus

So I have to confess that my blogging has been all over the place. Some of it is due to life being just that ...all over! When I first started blogging back in 2005 it was back in the blogspot website days. I simply blogged about my family and life situations. I guess you could say I had a "personal blog."

Fast forward to our current social media world...I started comparing myself to all the "lifestyle" bloggers on websites and instagram. I would look at travel blogs, food blogs, healthy living blogs, you name it blogs...and started to question my position in the blogging world. I felt like I need to focus on one thing and master it or people wouldn't read it.

I thought "travel." I love traveling so I will blog about traveling. Or, "healthy eating," I'll blog about healthy eating (while I stuff my face with Oreo cookies). NOT! Ok, "exercising." I will blog about my exercise routine...which was non existent at the time. "Parenting!" Yes, I will blog about parenting...NOPE, not a life giver!

So if you read some of my past blog posts you will see the conundrum.

Oh, and add to that my personal website...which has changed names and themes more times than I can count.

I was worrying too much about what I was feeling other people wanted. When in my heart I knew the only thing I REALLY enjoyed writing about was my relationship with JESUS!

Plain and simple.

So this is what this is...a website, blog, and facebook page unapologetically about JESUS!

So with that said, I have changed the name of the blog and facebook page to "Simple Savvy Life with Jesus." Click here to learn more about why I chose the two words "Simple" and "Savvy."

Personal blog or Lifestyle blog? Probably a little bit of both because if I am going to stay true to blogging about my relationship with Jesus, then I have to incorporate both since He IS both in my life. (I have a personal relationship with Him AND His truths permeate every area of my life....Family, Friends, Work and Play).

Here are the places you can find me...

A facebook community devoted to helping you GROW in your relationship with Christ, GO to those God has placed in your life, GATHER together and GIVE Him away.

Check it out here.

A facebook group devoted to digging deeper. Here you will find videos to help equip you to live your life IN CHRIST, a community of women doing the same, and practical ways of following Christ.

Check it out here.

All of the resources you find on the website as well as the facebook page and facebook group will be geared toward helping you GROW in your Simple Savvy Relationship with Christ. ❦

Come and see what this life is all about!

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This is me. All things faith, family, fitness, friends, fun, and more. As I live my simple savvy life (simple obedience) in all these areas, I want to share them with you.  It is messy.  No fluff here! Enjoy!

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