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I picked up one of my favorite books the other day. It is one that stays by my side table by my chair in my bedroom.

It's called "From Tablet to Table: Where community is found and identity is formed" by Leonard Sweet.

"If we were to make the table the most sacred object of furniture in every home, in every church, in every community, our faith would quickly regain it's power, and our world sold quickly become a better place. The table is the place where the story of our lives are retold, re-minded, and relived."

We are made for story. We were created for story!

Each of us were created very uniquely, with a unique story. And within that story is a much larger story.

I have been learning my story for years. And it all started with sitting at the table. So many tables of those of the faith. There is a lost art of building community and sharing stories.

Now everything is electronic. We all stare at our phone at the dinner table, if we even have a dinner table. Most of us grab a meal on the go or we all eat in separate rooms. Who needs a dining table now a days?!

If we truly believe we have a story, then we need to find out how to share it. This is not a new thing. People have been sharing stories for decades. Jesus was mostly found sitting at a table sharing stories to different groups of people....people who listened. And it wasn't just His story He was sharing. He shared others stories as well.

"If we really want to learn someone's story, sitting down at the table, breaking bread together, is the best way to start. As we sit and eat together, we don't just pass food around: fellow diners pass bits of themselves back and forth as well, exchanging tale as ell as condiments."

Listen to my live video to hear more on this subject.

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