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The 11 Letters

It’s only Tuesday and my second day back to school finally. I haven’t been there for 5 weeks and only went hardly for about two days.

I get home and I talk to my mom before heading upstairs to rest after a long day at school which was fun even if I have this tube in my chest! Sometimes I don’t notice it at all and I feel like I’m a normal person without any extra parts to me that shouldn’t be there. Today was also great because I figured out that I don’t have much makeup work and I get to sail through this without too much school work stress.

I love my new school, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like my old school. I loved CAK for the people because they were all so nice and today I see that they are much more than nice, they are amazingly nicer than I thought. I get home and go upstairs as I have stated, but my mother comes and tells me that my counselor from CAK was coming for a quick visit with her two girls and a dog. I was happy and told her to wake me up before hand. I slept and dreamt of sailing on the sea. It made me feel free and happy with the thrill of what is to come: An adventure that will be grand and prosperous.

Anyways, mom wakes me up and then the counselor gets here! I come down and then they come in through the door baring a puppy and a blue sparkly gift bag. We all sat down and started talk with laughs and good conversation. I opened my gift to find a blue blanket and 11 letters that the counselor said was from all my teachers I’ve had at CAK. I was shocked at first, because it was something I wasn’t expecting. After that we talked a bit more and then I grew more tired and the girls, fun little puppy, and the counselor left.

I went upstairs with the letters and blanket in hand. I was planning on reading them later at dialysis but I knew that I might cry because I cry when reading letters of hope and love. These though were filled with much more. I started reading the first letter and it started to swell up in me, I read another and another with all of them containing so much love and hope from the teachers. I started to cry only four letters in and I kept crying harder and harder as I read on. After the last letter I buried my face in my pillow and I wailed with tears. I was filled with a desire to write after I was done so I sucked it up and got straight to writing this, but this isn’t just to tell you all about my experience today, I want this last bit to be a letter of reply back to the teachers who took the time to write these.

Here is my reply: Dear Teachers of CAK and those who have texted me with good letters in message form,

I want to start this off with a thank you, thank you for actually keeping me near to you in prayer and your hearts. I have been going through so much and this is what has made me stronger and want to fight harder to build a great future for myself and others around me. I want to tell you all that your love is amazing, but I want to also say that I love you all so much more for giving me these tears of joy. I just can’t explain or tell how much I love and hope for you all too. I may have my battle going on with these gosh darn kidneys, but I know that everyone might also be going through something at this time as well.

I want you to know that as you have been here for me that I will ALWAYS be here for you because I love trying and helping those even when others see them as lost causes. No matter how small the problem or how big it is, I just wish you the best through it. Fight on through it with all your might and come out stronger than you were before! With that I shall end this and take a nap. I am exhausted and need to think on what all I can do towards the unforeseeable crazy future. Love, Elijah Myers

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