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A New Normal

The shock has settled in and we are beginning our "new normal." Which when I really stop to think about it...was our old normal even "normal?" Through this life detour we are spending more time together as a family, relying on our community to love on us, focusing on eating healthier and taking care of ourselves. I mean aren't all these things good things?! Regardless, we are experiencing a shift in life. There are some new things added to our lives like routine meds and a strict diet for Eli. We are reordering our priorities and focusing on getting Eli well right now.

It has been 12 days since we found out about Eli's condition. In those 12 days I have been all over the board. There are days that I am ready to tackle whatever comes our way and then there are the days that I want to curl up in bed and sleep it all away.

Eli has handled this amazingly. He is a super strong boy. Although I have only known Eli for 5 years, I have seen him grow tremendously. When I first met him he was a normal "know it all" 12 year old. Now, he is a very level headed, super intelligent young man. He understands everything about his disease and he is ready for the challenge. I mean everything a 17 year old brain can understand that is. :)

We met with the team at Vanderbilt in Nashville . I came away encouraged but tired. There was a ton of information to soak in. Bottom line is Eli needs a kidney and there are a couple of ways of getting one. A living donor or a deceased donor. Either way, we are praying for God to move in miraculous ways to provide a kidney before he needs to go on dialysis.

Once I wrap my brain around everything I will share more. For now we wait!

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