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A Delayed Flight, Three Strangers, and a Rental Car

ADVENTURE - An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

This is what I experienced a couple of years ago. In general, I am slow to jump on the adventurous train. To be honest with you, I am a fearful person deep down. But on this particular day I was trusting my leader....Craig, my husband, who LOVES an adventure.

He was taking me to New York for my first time. We had tickets to see Wicked the same day we were flying in but we had plenty of time because our plane was set to arrive around noon that day and the play was at Seven. However, a dense fog had set over New York that day. We made it to Washington, DC and waited for our connecting flight.

When it was time, we boarded the plane. Then we sat on the plane for what seemed like 2 hours. Then we taxied back to the gate where they let us back off the plane. It wasn't long after that that we were informed that our flight had been canceled because of fog.

WHAT?!? CANCELLED! Like no flights available to New York that day! Not only was our flight cancelled but another flight boarded our plane and took off.....TO NEW YORK...WITH OUR LUGGAGE ON THE PLANE!!! I know, go figure. Ugh!

Watch this video from my Facebook page to hear more about our

adventure and how you can join the journey.

Craig and I found ourselves in a line of other "not so happy" individuals who were also trying to figure out how they were going to make it to New York. We could hear the people in front of us talking about options...which didn't consist of getting to New York any time soon. So, Craig did what Craig does best....problem solving!

He leaned in to the three people in front of us who had begun talking to each other about this crazy situation and said, "hey my wife and I are going to rent a car and drive to New York. Do you guys want to join us?!"

Wait?! What?! We don't know these people.

But we did it! Craig and I and three strangers all got in a rental car and headed to New York (about a 5 hour drive).

We had a gentleman who was originally from India who worked for a jewelry channel, an African American girl who was headed on her way back from a fight attendant interview, a young Caucasian man who...well I'm still not sure what he did. :)

Between the 5 of us we ranged in ages 20-50.

We spent five hours taking turns sharing our stories!

It was amazing! It was enlightening! It was truly a God-Adventure! Craig and I were able to share our story with three strangers. Well, one of them is not a stranger anymore. We keep in touch with our sweet New Yorker flight attendant friend. We are friends on Facebook and keep up with her through social media. We were able to see her and her boyfriend on one of our return trips to New York. It is amazing how Facebook keeps people connected.

So the moral of the story is...don't be afraid of the adventure. You never know who you will meet along the way to hear their story. Or maybe they need to hear your story! Would you know how to share your story if the opportunity arose?!

We will talk more about this so check back.

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