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God's Original Design

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A eight-week study discovering God's character and plan for your life. God created you to make a difference in the world. Your life matters!

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✓ Develop a deeper relationship with God.

✓ Identify who God is, His character, and His promises. 

✓ Discover the heart of God  for His creation before the foundation of the world, now, and for eternity.

✓ Unleash your superpower for making a difference in the world.

✓ Utilize your gifts and talents to serve those God has placed in your life.

✓ Discover the good work God has prepared beforehand for you to do.

✓ Live intentionally and purposefully.

✓ Develop a heart for God, His people, and His place for you on this earth.

✓ Embrace your unique story and gain clarity and understanding on your purpose and calling in life. 

✓ Live your life in such a way that others are drawn to Christ.
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